Tejaswi Ananth is a young, multi-skilled, Variety entertainer based in Bengaluru, he is a Professional Juggler, Magician, Unicyclist, and a Pixel Poi artist. He is a budding Emcee who not only handles the crowd, he also keeps them engaged and entertained by his additional skillsets. He can adapt to any genre of events. Having performed 1000+ shows and in front of 50000+ live audience and online events, around Asia. He has gained the ability to handle, and impress every kind of audience he faces. Equipped with lots of unique Skills, talents and paraphernalia, He has set a Benchmark in Indian entertainment industry. He delivers the performance which is close to perfection every time. His multitasking capabilities present you Never Seen Before acts and combinations of art-forms. He always strives to evolve, change and create a creative and Brand new act making him a dynamic performer. He never fails to captivate and enthrall the guests and clients. He has few acts which has no language barriers, which makes him a truly International performer.




Tejaswi Ananth's clients